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Best Cafe in Thrissur for Snacks & Tea!

Delicious Snack Varieties To Try From round Kattans thrissur

28 Delicious Snack Varieties To Try From Kattans!

Your search for Best Cafe in Thrissur ends with Round’s Kattan – The local Tea Shop for snack lovers. Round launched Kerala tea shop-themed ‘Kattans’ to be your best “Chai and Chat” Cafe in Thrissur

Nothing better than a warm cup of tea with your favourite snacks to recharge your body and soul to seize the day with full energy.

The counter and the sitting area of Kattan’s will give you the look and feel of an authentic Kerala Tea Shop in the 90s.
Let us serve you with our 28+ mouthwatering evening snacks along with some hot beverages such as tea, coffee, etc. 

At Kattans, we use only fresh oil and 100% healthy ingredients in our snacks with zero added colours or preservatives.”

KATTANS – The Best Cafe in Thrissur for Snack Lovers

best cafe in thrissur kerala kattans

Now you don’t have to boil your head thinking about where to find the best cafe in Thrissur for Kerala snacks or what to make for guests in the evening. 

Round is around the corner to help you get 28 varieties of Kerala snacks from Kattans with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Here is the list of evening snacks varieties hot from the stove just the way you desire:

snacks from kattans thrissur kerala
snacks from kattans

Non-Veg Snacks:

  1. Pazham Pori
  2. Parippu Vada
  3. Uzhunnu Vada
  4. Ulli Vada
  5. Thenga Muri
  6. Kumbalappam 
  7. Kesari
  8. Macaroni Pola
  9. Cutlet Veg
  10. Kozhukkatta
  11. Ela Ada
  12. Samosa Veg
  13. Kaipola
  14. Elanchi
  15. Pazham Nirachathu
  16. Unnakkai

Non-Veg Snacks:

  1. Cutlet Chicken
  2. Cutlet Beef
  3. Chicken Roll
  4. Beef Roll
  5. Samosa Chicken
  6. Erachi Pathiri
  7. Erachi Nirachathu
  8. Beef Samosa
  9. Beef Parotta Roll
  10. Chicken Parotta Rolll
  11. Chatti pathiri
  12. Atti Pathiri

Click here to know the price details of our Kattan Varieties.

We know life can get busier at times with daily hustles. Having a good cup of tea by yourself or with loved ones can give you the break you deserve to rejuvenate yourself. 

Visit the best cafe in thrissur Round’s Kattans to experience authentic Kerala snacks with a good cup of tea or coffee.

Please contact us here for Home delivery 🛵 and takeout services 👇+918943293333

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