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Order Special Vishu Sadya at Thrissur Round 

Vishu, as we already know, is a festival we malayalees celebrate on the first day of medam, the solar calendar followed by people in Kerala.Sadya, our traditional rice and vegetable meal, is one such thing that we cannot celebrate festivals without. 

The happiness and togetherness within the families tends to double as we have the vishu sadya together in banana leaves!Round has curated the best Sadya for you and your loved ones for this Vishu with all your favourite side dishes:

Leave the hustle to make the best sadya for you to our chef and team and enjoy your quality time with your loved ones!

21 varieties of Items that will meet you in our Vishu Sadya at Thrissur Round

  1. Upperi
  2. Sharkkara varatti
  3. Njaali poovan Pazham
  4. Pappadam
  5. Naranga Achar
  6. Manga Achar
  7. Inchi puli
  8. Koottu Curry
  9. Olan
  10. Thoran
  11. Avial
  12. Kuthari Choru
  13. Neyy
  14. Parippu Curry
  15. Sambar
  16. Pulisserry
  17. Rasam
  18. Pacha moru
  19. Ada Pradaman
  20. Paripp Payasam
  21. Paal Payasam

Do not miss out your chance to enjoy Kerala’s first fine experience with your family at Round restaurant. 

The price of the Standard Vishu Sadya per person will be ₹ 399 Including Tax.

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