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Category Archive for : ‘Food Tips’

best non veg restaurants in thrissur

Round Global – Your Best Non-veg Restaurant in Thrissur

Round The Global Diner has risen to the title of Best Non-veg restaurant in Thrissur with the absolute quality of their food and customer service. One of the main specialties of round restaurants that sets them apart from the rest of the restaurants is their hospitality.  Once you visit round, you keep going back there […]

kattans thrissur kerala

Are You Here to Find the Best Tea Hub in Thrissur? 

To enjoy your favourite Tea and some quality time with your friends or family away from the hectic daily routine? Kattans by Round is just for you, a local-tea-shop themed cafe with varieties of teas served with mouth-watering Kerala snacks! Would you like your tea with or without milk? Doesn’t matter. We have got it […]

Chef Recommended Asian Cuisines From Round Restaurant

Chef Recommended Asian Cuisines From Round Restaurant

“It is only human nature to change food preferences every day.”  Depending on factors like where you are and who you are with, your food mood also changes. Didn’t we get it right? But regardless of whether we are going for a date with your special one or having a fun movie night with friends […]

Order Special Vishu Sadya at Thrissur Round 

Vishu, as we already know, is a festival we malayalees celebrate on the first day of medam, the solar calendar followed by people in Kerala.Sadya, our traditional rice and vegetable meal, is one such thing that we cannot celebrate festivals without.  The happiness and togetherness within the families tends to double as we have the […]

Delicious Snack Varieties To Try From round Kattans thrissur

Best Cafe in Thrissur for Snacks & Tea!

28 Delicious Snack Varieties To Try From Kattans! Your search for Best Cafe in Thrissur ends with Round’s Kattan – The local Tea Shop for snack lovers. Round launched Kerala tea shop-themed ‘Kattans’ to be your best “Chai and Chat” Cafe in Thrissur Nothing better than a warm cup of tea with your favourite snacks […]

best food destination in thrissur

Malayali’s Best Comfort Food Destination in Thrissur

We strive to serve everything our dear Thrissur people crave!  This led us to conduct a little direct survey with our customers to know which is their favourite comfort food and destination in Thrissur. Any guess on what the vast majority answered?  It is the one and only Beef and Porotta combination that Malayalees can’t […]

Best Biriyani in Thrissur

Best Biriyani Destination in Thrissur Unveiled!

The common answer by a Malayali to the question,  “Which is your comfort food?” is “Biriyani”!  Wonder Why? It could be because Biriyani is often connected to happy moments and celebrations for us Malayalees. It fixes both the hunger and heart together, as you never spot someone unhappy after having a Good Biriyani Day! Taking […]

Must-Try Foods in Thrissur Round

Must-Try Foods in Thrissur Round

Thrissur as we all know is one of the most treasured cultural districts in Kerala. It is a melody to the heart to witness people in Thrissur with varied cultures and beliefs live in harmony and celebrate festivals together. Infinite Love for food is one of the paramount factors that keep the Thrissur people united […]