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Malayali’s Best Comfort Food Destination in Thrissur

best food destination in thrissur

We strive to serve everything our dear Thrissur people crave! 

This led us to conduct a little direct survey with our customers to know which is their favourite comfort food and destination in Thrissur.

Any guess on what the vast majority answered? 

It is the one and only Beef and Porotta combination that Malayalees can’t live without. 

This was our food for thought to become:

The Best Food Destination in Thrissur for Comfort Foods

To achieve our goal to become Thrissur’s best food destination, we redefined the perfect combination with our best-selling Malabar Porotta & Kottayam Beef roast at Round Restaurant

The best cooked Kottayam beef roast and perfectly layered Malabar porotta with the right amount of crispiness gives you satisfaction and comfort like no other food would.

The love for porotta and beef grows all over you with its irresistible aroma and unforgettable taste. 

We value customer experience more than anything. That is the sole reason why we give so much focus to creating an ambience that reflects their mood with the perfect interior setting and hospitality at Round. 

“A bite of comfort food is all we need sometimes. right?”

When people choose Round as their best food destination in Thrissur, we go above and beyond to deliver the quality food and comfort they are looking for in our dishes.

“Do you know why comfort foods such as Malayalees’ Porotta Beef combination makes us feel good?”

Of course, the taste of it is the top factor! 

In addition to that, comfort foods are proven to have psychological effects such as stress relief, improved state of mind with the ability to bring back fond memories to the table. 

Next time, you feel like looking for the best destination for food in Thrissur that gives you the comfort and warmth just like your own home, head over to Round Resturant right away.

Please contact us here for Home delivery 🛵 and takeout services 👇+918943293333

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