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A Healthy Take On Our Signature Dish “Mutton Coconut Ularthu”

Mutton Coconut Ularthu dish from round

Anything without a touch of coconut doesn’t feel quite like Kerala Dish!  

Who is with us on this thought?

The thought is derived from the fact that most of our popular dishes have a coconut presence of flavour. Because of the ample presence of coconut trees in the region, the presence of coconut is quite significant in all the products we consume, from cooking oil to ingredients. 

Mutton Coconut Ularthu 

The aroma fills the heart before our signature dish Mutton Coconut Ularthu fills your tummy. 

With every bite, you get to taste a piece of unforgettable juicy mutton cooked with perfection served with roasted red chilly, curry leaves and not to mention, the star of the show, coconut slices. 

While most of you are already in love with mutton coconut ularthu for its unparallel taste, here are some benefits we think you should know about mutton coconut ularthu (or mutton in general)

Improved Libido

Did you know Intake of mutton can naturally enhance your libido and sexual health?

Yes, They are great in stimulating your hormones and giving you a better sex drive and sexual health. Interesting, isn’t it?

That’s not it. There are numerous other reasons why mutton is the best add-on to your current diet plan for a healthy lifestyle and eating choice. 

Enriched With Essential Minerals, Proteins and Healthy Vitamins

Our Mutton Coconut Ularthu contains all the essential minerals, proteins and healthy vitamins such as Zinc and Iron that help your body’s healthy development.

One of the reasons why mutton is always advised to be included in your diet is It is rich in Iron which is necessary for the body in cell formation and blood circulation.

The presence of ZInc improves the body’s immune system naturally. Most importantly, it enhances the growth of nails, hair and clear skin. Vitamins such as B-12 in mutton are essential for red blood cell production as you get old, while B-3 metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins from your food. 

Good For Heart

The health of the heart is everything! 

Our fast-paced lifestyle and poor habits such as overeating fast foods and smoking can badly affect the heart’s health. The unsaturated fats in mutton help maintain a healthy heartbeat, enhance good cholesterol and help achieve an overall healthy heart.

That was our healthy take on Mutton Coconut Ularthu from the best non veg restaurants in thrissur!

We believe in serving only the best for our esteemed customers!

Give Mutton Coconut Ularthu a try, and let us know if you liked it!

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