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Must-Try Foods in Thrissur Round

Must-Try Foods in Thrissur Round

Thrissur as we all know is one of the most treasured cultural districts in Kerala.

It is a melody to the heart to witness people in Thrissur with varied cultures and beliefs live in harmony and celebrate festivals together.

Infinite Love for food is one of the paramount factors that keep the Thrissur people united forever. 

One of the major intentions we had in mind before designing our menu was to create the savoury that people of Thrissur can hold close to!

Are you are looking for Must-Try Foods in Thrissur?

Trust Us! You have come to the right place!

We have curated all must-try foods for you in Thrissur and categorized them into 4 sub-brands to make it easy for you to choose what you like the most!

“Whatever you crave, we serve!”

  • KATTANS -The Local tea shop

“Searching for the popular combination of fresh tea or coffee with typical Kerala evening snacks?“

You found the perfect Kerala tea shop KATTANS at Round.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, we have created a separate snack menu for both.

Recharge your evenings with our mouth-watering Malabar special snacks! 

Check Out Kattans Menu!

  • MASALAFY – Indian Cuisines

Are you also one of those who go through the entire available cuisines just to go back to the Indian Cuisines irresistibly? 

Well, Love for Indian Cuisines is eternal! Only those who experience will understand the feeling of it. 

“The heart is set on discovering the real Indian taste? “

take a turn and come to round. 

A whole variety of handpicked authentic and delicious South Indian, North Indian and Tandoori dishes waiting for you at MASALAFY by Round!

Meticulously prepared dishes that please vegetarians, as well as meat and seafood lovers, is one of our specialities.

Kashmir to Kanyakumari Kashmiri, Gujarati to Eastern India, Let your taste buds take an All-India Trip with our unlimited Indian Cuisine Dishes! 

 Unlimited MASALAFY

  • SULTAN’S TABLE – Mediterranean (Arabic and grills)

“Whether I am in the Middle East or Thrissur, my go-to food is always Arabic Food and Grills.”

Does it sound like you?

Worry Not as long as you are around the Round’s SULTAN’s TABLE!

Let us serve you with the finest Mediterranean cuisine with Arabic style dishes that keeps you coming back for more and more!

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable Mediterranean fine dining experience with a Royal Arabic feast at grand Sultans’s Table at Round. 

Get the best of it with an open kitchen where the grilled foods will be prepared.

See What’s in Sultan’s Table

  • OISHII- Asian Dishes 

It is no surprise that the people of Thrissur loves to experiment with food a lot!

Our regular customers for Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese dishes etc. is a practical example of that.  

“What is your food mood today?”

If the answer is Asian, think no more! Slide right into the round restaurant for an incomparable Asian dining experience!

From seafood, noodles, rice to soups, you will find everything you need to satisfy your Asian food cravings right here at Round Restaurant

We know it is not done by just serving Asian food. That is why we decided to go above and beyond to give the look and feel to the entire ambience.

The bamboo themed backdrop, the sleek furniture and the shimmering colours of lanterns will give you the complete experience of Asian Dining. 

Go Asian Dishes

If you live in Thrissur, We welcome you to the best restaurant in thrissur for the best fine dining experience in Kerala. 

Great food and unforgettable hospitality is the promise we hold on to!

See You A-Round!

Please contact us here for Home delivery 🛵 and takeout services 👇+918943293333

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