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Chef Recommended Asian Cuisines From Round Restaurant

Chef Recommended Asian Cuisines From Round Restaurant

It is only human nature to change food preferences every day.” 

Depending on factors like where you are and who you are with, your food mood also changes. Didn’t we get it right?

But regardless of whether we are going for a date with your special one or having a fun movie night with friends or cousins at our place, Asian food always maintains to score the first place on the plates.


Tasty Asia at Round Restaurant brings to your table a chance to explore global cuisines without actually travelling to any of those places!

We have tried to include everything you shouldn’t miss out on from our Asian food cuisines, including Chinese and Japanese food!

Our chef thought it would be a great idea to put his expertise in Asian Food varieties into a special menu designed exclusively for Asian food lovers. 

And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, he made veg and non-veg varieties in Asian dishes so that no one feels left out at Round Restaurant. 

Here are Round’s Chef Recommended Asian Cuisines for you to explore:

Let’s Start from STARTERS N SIDES

We have designed our Asian food menu in such a way that you may feel like you have taken a trip to an Asian country!

There are 17+ veg and non-veg varieties of starters and sides to give that first impression for you to get started on the Asian food exploration.

Veg varieties such as Hot garlic potato wedges with spicy and tangy garlic tomato sauce, cauliflower pepper n salt with celery, crushed pepper, chilli oil, honey chilli, baby corn with sweet chilli and spring onion, etc. are some of our best welcoming dishes. 

If you prefer non-veg for starters, phisua Goong with crumb fried prawns with peanut butter sauce, sliced fish chilli dry with braised onion, red chillies, tomato, etc., are the best chef recommended choices for you.


Our premium dim sum basket steamed foods are the customer’s all-time favourite. It is an excellent choice for those who prefer to eat food with significantly less amount of oil. Enjoy authentic veg and non-veg dumplings with natural Asian flavours and tastes.

  • SOUP

Soup is a must-have with any Asian food, and some people prefer it as a starter while some at the end of the meal. Whichever is your choice, we insist you try our chef-recommended South China Seafood soup and Chilli garlic crab with minced crab meat, chilli, and sweet corn to get the taste of the best Asian soup. 


Buckle yourself because what you are about to read is highly tempting and might give you severe Asian food cravings! We have mapped five routes for you to explore the world of Asian cuisines.

Enjoy delicious Seafood, Chicken, Beef, Lamb, and Vegetarian Asian foods in Thrissur.   


Love for Seafood is eternal. In addition to the delicacy and flavoursome, Seafood is people’s choice because it consists perfect amount of vital nutrients such as omega-3s, iron, B and D vitamins, and protein which are found to have significant benefits on health and wellness at all ages.  

From squid, prawns, fishes, and oysters to Phuket pla, we have everything you might look for in Asian seafood varieties. 


Once a chicken lover, always a chicken lover!

Some of you might have the tendency to always pick the chicken from the menu wherever you are. Our separate menu curated for chicken is your easiest route to find what you are looking for! This is your chance to explore a little more about the chicken cuisines from various Asian countries across the globe.

Immerse yourself in our best-recommended chicken varieties of Asian foods, such as sliced Hunan with burnt chillies and ginger, supreme chicken oyster with fresh chilli and oyster sauce, and Chicken whole black bean with fresh red chilli pickle and black beans in it. 

  • BEEF 

Our Mongolian beef with black fungus is a must-have if you want to try out beef in Asian food varieties. Sliced beef with black bean and pepper is a classic example of how beef goes well with pepper. Not to mention the juicy soya with shredded garlic combination with beef. 

Enjoy beef sliced in honey chilli sauce or roasted chilli and hoisin, depending on your food mood. 

  • LAMB

We have included the most delicious varieties of lamb for you to try out. Both beef lovers and lamb lovers can take the full bite of Mongolian lamb with black fungus, sliced with black bean and pepper, shredded peppers, garlic, and soya sliced in honey chilli and hoisin slow-braised with shitake mushroom, etc. 


Our chef recommends the six best vegetarian Asian food varieties for you. The list includes sliced vegetables and bamboo shoots, Asian green, chilli garlic vegetable with coriander, strip fried spring vegetables, Chinese creamy garlic sauce, and five treasure black pepper sauces.

Discover all possible varieties of Asian foods at the best competitive price while experiencing Kerala’s first fining in Thrissur.


Our mouth-watering Thai curry or Kaeng is made with coconut extracts, healthy herbs, and your choice of Fish, Prawns, chicken, or vegetables. Thai curry is the family’s favourite as it is a subtle curry consisting of very simple ingredients and yet delivers a ton of delicious flavours. 


Even though we have wide varieties of rice here itself, we still look for Asian rice as it is made in a class by itself. Seafood Oyster rice, yang chow fried rice, and rice with minced lamb, burnt garlic, and celery are some of our chef’s best recommendations. 

Have the authentic fried rice varieties from the best Asian food cuisine at Round Restaurants. 


Asian Full Bowl is one of our fast-moving Asian food items. We have four different varieties of the full bowl at the round restaurant. Nasi/Mee Goreng, Vegetable Thai Flat Noodles, Non-Veg Thai Flat Noodles, and Char hor fun are the chef’s best recommendations. 


You might already start craving some Asia food after listening to us talking from starters to full bowl Asian food varieties at the best non veg restaurants in thrissur.  Try some of our chef’s best recommended Asian foods with your friends or family, and let us know your feedback/feelings in words!

Click here for more details on ingredients and price structure to plan your Asian food night at Round restaurant!

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